WPI Campus, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

15 & 16 October Two days of tutorials
17 October Surface standards meetings (morning only)

Exceptional educational opportunities!
....All kinds of users with all levels of experience can benefit.

Focus: Measurement and analysis of surface topographies, including roughness and relations to processing and performance.

The Venue and Some Past Exhibits
Research posters and commercial exhibits - on display both days and special Monday evening session  - a sampling of current research, equipment and software for surface metrology - diverse fields of application

Applications include
engineering, anthropology, archeology, art conservation, biology, biomedical, cultural heritage preservation, food science, forensics, fractals, geodesics, manufacturing, metrology, nano technology, NKS, product and process design, quality assurance...
....surfaces cover everything

Intended for: engineers, scientists, technicians, and anyone working in fields that involve surfaces.

ASME B46 Classification and Designation of Surface Qualities, committee meetings: October 16 (evening) & 17 (morning) 

Exhibitor and sponsorship inquires - surface@wpi.edu

If you, your organization or company would like to be involved in the seminar please contact surface@wpi.edu
You can sponsor an event, or provide support for a young researcher to attend.

Fellowships are available for reduced registration in special cases
 - please contact us at surface@wpi.edu to request a full or partial fellowship.