Surface Metrology Festival

Our Purpose

Promoting education and research exchanges, and networking opportunities for people working with surface metrology as a primary or secondary discipline, especially young people. Envisioning active, supportive community of researchers, producers, users, consultants, and teachers, who develop or use surface metrology.

Surfaces cover everything

Valuable learning opportunities for industry personnel, students, professors, and researchers that can strengthen our special, transdisciplinary, surface metrology community.

Something for everyone, from beginners to advanced users and researchers. The program includes: basic measuring and characterizing of roughness, research planning and methods, the latest on multiscale analyses and characterization, and the latest on software and equipment.

Opportunities to share knowledge, research results, and to present and discuss current, new and pending projects. Young researchers are encouraged to contribute.

June 15-17, 2022 at WPI main campus and remote

Short Courses
Research Posters
Hands on Training
and more!

Calls for

Contributions from a wide variety of disciplines are sought, including, anthropology, archaeology, biomedical, food, tribology, all engineering disciplines, and others.

  • Posters about forensics, engineering, and design problems involving the measurement, characterization and analysis of surface topographies.

  • Active-Research presentations on new, proposed, pending, imagined, or current, that you would like to present and discuss. Students, especially people workon on special projects, theses, and dissertations, are encouraged to apply. 

  • Short Courses and workshops, on Surface Metrology. 

Abstracts can be emailed to 

Why Join?

  • Opportunities for industry to present current software and equipment, while also networking with current and future users, both in a live and remote setting.
  • Presentations on recent research involving surface metrology.
  • Opportunities for new, proposed, pending or current research presentations and discussions.
  • Lectures and short courses on a variety of topics and levels from basic concepts in surface metrology for introducing novices and refreshing others, to advanced and emerging research methods and applications.
  • Hands on experiences with instruments, software, experimental designs, characterizations, and analyses.